Welcome to Tobacco Unmasked HotSpots

Tobacco Unmasked HotSpots is a GIS based tobacco surveillance system to monitor geographic locations of tobacco industry activities and interference in public health.

‘TU HotSpots’ is a mobile application to monitor Tobacco Industry Interference (TII). This website enables you to view confirmed incidents, reported via ‘TU HotSpots’ app. Registered users will have access to the data in the last 6 months while others for a month. Registered users allow to report TII through this website as well.

Download and install the ‘TU HotSpots’ app and become a member of our Community Driven Tobacco Surveillance System (CDTSS). CDTSS is people driven tobacco surveillance system made up of the moblie app and the online map of Sri Lanka using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology Coordinated by the Centre for Combating Tobacco (CCT) Sri Lanka.